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MTP OM3 12Fibers and 24Fibers Connector

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Product name

MTP OM3 12Fibers and 24Fibers Connector

Product description

MTP®/MPO Connectors Features

● Precision molded MT ferrule 
● High precision guide pins for exact alignment 
● Compact design, up to 24 fiber ribbons 
● IEC 61754-7 Compliant* 
● Telcordia GR-1435-CORE compliant* 
● Polishing does not require diamond film

MTP®/MPO Connectors Application
● Parallel optical interconnect between PC cards and patch panels 
● Interconnection for O/E modules 
● Optical Switch interframe connections 
● Gigabit Ethernet 
● Video 
● Active Device / Transceiver Interface 
● Premise Installations 
● Telecommunication Networks 
● Multimedia 
● Industrial & Military 

MTP®/MPO Connectors Parameter

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