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MTP Adaptor

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Product name

MTP Adaptor

The standard MTP brand/MPO adapter is what you'll find in the back of any MTP/MPO cassette. You'll also find them in a 4- or 6-pack MTP brand/MPO adapter panel. It essentially allows you to connect two MTP/MPO cable assemblies together (male and female). Standard MTP brand/MPO adaptors are usually black whereas secure MTP brand/MPO adaptors have several different colors in order to match connectors with adaptors. If you want a longer MTP brand/MPO run, try using a adapter, but you'll need male (pinned) and female (unpinned) connectors to accomplish it.
Product description

MTP®/MPO Adapters



MTP® Brand/MPO Adapters Application

● Gigabit ethernet 
● Video 
● Active device / Transceiver interface 
● Telecommunication networks 
● Metro networks 
● Local Area Networks (LANs) 
● Premise installations 
● Industrial, military 
● Multimedia

MTP® Brand/MPO Adapters Features

● Compact design, accomodating 4, 8 or 12 fiber ribbons 
● High precision alignment 
● Low insertion and return loss and back reflection 

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